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INTER: A practical guide to implement 

Intercultural Education

European Prize for Intercultural Education awarded to INTER project

The INTER Project has been awarded the 1st prize of the Evens Prize by the Evens Foundation in Antwerps for our work in the promotion of intercultural education, out of the almost 100 nominated projects and 16 finalists which had passed the first selection process. This European Prize is awarded to a project or organization deemed to have made an outstanding contribution to European social integration in the field of intercultural education, and who have demonstrated determination and creativity. For more details please see our press release or a Navreme press communiqué.

This website is intended for the use of students, teachers, teacher-trainers, as well as other professionals and general public who are interested in intercultural education and want to share their experience and learn new ideas. 

The Inter Guide Project project  is coordinated by UNED University in Madrid and is supported by the Comenius Programme of the European Commission.  In the Czech Republic the project has been initiated and implemented by  the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at  Charles University in Prague in cooperation with a non-governmental organisation Globea. The Project Manager for the Czech Republic is PhDr. Martina Kalinová.


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